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Shift2DC Meeting with EHPA Associates: exploring the potential of DC Solutions to Heat pumps.  

On April 25th, the Shift2DC project hosted an online meeting in collaboration with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), one of the project partner Institutions, to discuss strategies concerning Direct Current (DC) solutions and to explore the potential for future collaborations between EHPA’s associates and Shift2DC consortium members. 

The meeting started with opening remarks by Eleonora Shehu, Policy Officer at EHPA, who welcomed all attendees from the Shift2DC consortium and from EHPA’s Manufacturers Committee, stressing the importance of fostering collaboration and facilitating knowledge exchange among participants. 

Following the opening remarks by EHPA, Hugo Morais, Shift2DC Coordinator at INESC ID, provided an overview of the Horizon Europe project including a roadmap on DC and of the four Demos that will be implemented, highlighting Shift2DC goals and objectives in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in data center environments. Throughout his intervention, the researcher emphasized the role of heat pumps in DC solutions and the benefits of engaging in DC initiatives. 

The two main European DC Foundations and members of the Shift2DC consortium – Current OS and ODCA – were also part of the meeting and presented the Institutions’ role in establishing an international DC ecosystem. Dominik Maihöfner (ODCA) delivered a presentation focused on ODCA’ relevance to both Shift2DC and EHPA Manufacturers Committee and discussed the impact of LVDC solutions in industrial applications. 

Representing both CurrentOS and Schneider Electric, Ahmad Makkieh showcased both Institutions’ knowledge and experience on DC focusing on real cases. Using the case of Circl, the Innovation Project Manager at Schneider Electric emphasized the significance of heat pumps to DC solutions. 

The meeting proceeded with interventions from Taltech by Andrii Chub, Fraunhofer represented by Kilian Drexler, RWTH by Benedict Mortimer and Katharina Hetzenecker, JJ Cooling by Enzo Minazzo, Hitachi Energy by Javier Iglesias and finally Watt & Well by Samy El Kamch.  

At the end of the meeting a productive discussion took place among attendees from the Shift2DC Consortium and the EHPA Manufacturers Committee. The debate was a platform to explore potential synergies, identify collaboration opportunities, and outline next steps for deeper engagement between all parties.  

Hugo Morais wrapped up the meeting by delivering closing remarks, thanking all participants for their contributions and expressing his optimism about establishing new synergies and future joint activities. In summary, several opportunities and use cases including the use of DC heat pumps were identified and new business opportunities were discussed.