Overview &



With a substantial funding of over 11 million euros, the SHIFT to Direct Current (SHIFT2DC) project has the goal of creating smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly energy infrastructures through direct current (DC) solutions. The Horizon Europe Project counts with the expertise of thirty-three partners, including affiliated and associated partners, from twelve countries, under the coordination of the Portuguese Research & Innovation Institute INESC-ID.

The SHIFT2DC project aims to transform the way DC solutions are used in our power systems. To do so, the consortium will establish comprehensive guidelines and a roadmap for the widespread application of DC in diverse energy scenarios to develop, test and demonstrate the technical feasibility, cost-benefit, life cycle and environmental impact of the proposed DC solutions in Data Centers, Buildings, Industry and Ports across Europe (Germany, France, and Portugal).

The project will evaluate DC solutions in four demonstrators: Datacentres, Ports, Industry, and Buildings. In these contexts, specific DC technologies and tools will be implemented. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis will be conducted for each application, enabling the assessment of the proposed solutions’ advantages. The activities within the SHIFT2DC project will also contribute to standardization, harmonization, and the proposal of guidelines for adopting DC solutions.

The SHIFT2DC project will implement a top-down, application-agnostic approach to design, simulate, test, validate, and apply DC solutions at both medium (MV) and low voltage (LV) levels. To guarantee the promotion of greener energy alternatives, the consortium will conduct thorough analyses – feasibility, cost-benefit, life cycle, and environmental impact assessments – to ensure that the proposed DC solutions are not only practical and cost-effective, but also sustainable.

Our Four Demonstrators