Under a global umbrella brand, Phoenix Contact offers innovative products, solutions and digitalization expertise for the electrification, networking, and automation of all sectors of the economy and infrastructure. The core business is organized in three business units. Beyond the core business, new business areas are being developed in the fields of digitalization, electrification and mobility.

With its pioneering connection and automation technology, Phoenix Contact develops solutions for the world of tomorrow together with customers and partners. The product range includes components and system solutions for electricity generation, transportation and distribution of energy, device and machine building, and control cabinet building.

A diverse range of terminal blocks and special terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks and connectors, cable connection technology and installation accessories offers innovative components.

Installers and operators of systems, properties; urban and transport infrastructure have access to smart solutions from many areas, such as electronics interfaces and power supplies, automation systems based on Ethernet and Wireless Ethernet, open control systems, safety solutions for people, machines and data as well as surge protection systems.

Role under the Project

Demonstration of an industrial DC grid accompanied with special developments.