LNE has high experience on research and development in the fields of electrical power measurements, high and low voltage, high impulse voltage, high and low current, impedances in the frequencies from DC up to megahertz and disruptive electrical phenomena.

LNE has designed several accurate standards for AC voltages up to 300 kV and for AC current up to 30 kA (or impulse currents up to 50 kA). It has developed several RMS (Reference Measurement System) as well as accurate calibration and characterisation methods of wideband instrument transformers.

With 801 employees, of which 160 are scientists (MSc or PhD), and with dedicated laboratories for Power/Energy measurements related to Smart Grids and infrastructures related to electrical metrology, LNE offer a full range of technical conformity services, from traceable calibration and testing to technical assistance and training.

Key words : electrical measurements, metrology, high impulse voltage, power measurements, disruptive electrical phenomena