INESC-ID, “Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores: Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa” is a Research and Development and Innovation Organization (R&D+i) in the fields of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The Institute’s mission is to produce added value to people and society, supporting the response of public policies to scientific, health, environmental, cultural, social, economic and political challenges. INESC ID promotes cooperation between academia and industry by addressing research on daily life issues, such as healthcare, space, mobility, agri-food, industry 4.0, and smart grids. This high level of knowledge transfer is achieved through both competitive research projects and direct contracted research. Public and private entities have therefore access to a pool of knowledge, resources and services provided through the unique competencies available at the institution.

Among other areas, INESC-ID is very active in Energy transition and Sustainable Power Systems. Specifically, our team has been focused on developing new operational and planning concepts and approaches to deal with the energy system transformation, from power system management (since planning until real-time operation) to integration and management of distributed energy resources (distributed generation, storage systems, electric vehicles), along with electricity market architectures and policies. Our efforts, in close collaboration with the industry, will advance new solutions for energy storage and grid integration, assessing power quality, and reliability-related issues.

Role under the Project

INESC-ID is Shift2DC coordinator, responsible for managing the project and coordinating the whole consortium with defined financial and administrative management approaches, data quality and risk assessment strategies.