Fincantieri SI, a subsidiary of the Fincantieri Group, is an Italian company established in 2015. The company is a beacon of innovation dedicated to fostering sustainable growth in the Marine and Industrial sectors. As an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractor, it specializes in the delivery of turnkey integrated systems spanning electrical, electronic, and electromechanical domains, including DC systems.

With a rich portfolio of over 20 supplies for a diverse array of vessels such as cruise ships, Ro-Pax vessels, ferries, tankers, and Navy vessels, Fincantieri SI has cultivated a broad spectrum of expertise, enabling it to meet a wide range of marine sector needs.

Beyond its marine applications, Fincantieri SI is also at the forefront of shore-side electricity systems, offering turnkey solutions that encompass everything from initial design to final implementation.

Fincantieri SI’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, coupled with its extensive experience and comprehensive service offerings, positions it as a leading player in the Marine and Industrial sectors. The company continually strives for excellence, with a focus on delivering the most efficient and sustainable solutions to its clients.

Role under the Project

In the SHIFT2DC project, Fincantieri SI experience in implementing DC systems onboard ships is of great value to the project. This experience is leveraged to bring a practical and informed perspective on the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of such systems.

Additionally, Fincantieri SI, in collaboration with other project partners, will provide a feasibility study for one of the four use cases, specifically the port demonstrator. This feasibility study is crucial in assessing the practicability and effectiveness of the proposed system in the context of a real port environment.