We are the EDP Group’s Research and Development Centre. Our focus is on working every day to invent the future of energy and contribute to a carbon-free society. We aim to become a reference in the energy sector by consistently participating in early stages of technology and knowledge development. To carry out our ambition we adopted a project-based structure which suits our concept of NEW R&D Centre, allowing a swift approach to project implementation. Notwithstanding, synergies among the projects are explored to encourage efficient use of resourced, and the energy sector is our background scope and therefore continually surveyed. We boast over 50 researchers, more than 40 projects in our portfolio and we will continue to grow. We want to do more and be more. That is why every day at NEW we work to be a leading R&D centre for innovation and knowledge sharing, creating superior value to EDP Group and society. We adopt a collaborative approach to innovation, partnering with EDP’s business units and multiple European institutions, companies, and universities to develop large R&D projects leveraged by public competitive funding for Research and Innovation – like the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programs.

Role under the Project

Innovation Management, Leader of exploitation plan, roadmap and business opportunities for DC, CBA analysis, development of a Digital Twin tool for DC systems, Participation on the Industry and Port demos, Analysis of applications, challenges and opportunities of DC, and participation in the definition of the Use Cases