The Port Authority of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (APRAM) is a private corporation with exclusively public capital that is part of the business sector of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM), under the supervision of the Regional Secretariat for the Economy.

The company directly manages three commercial ports and one terminal: 

  • The Port of Funchal – since 2005 it has been handling passengers, mainly cruise ships and the inter-island ferry (Madeira/Porto Santo). 
  • The Port of Caniçal – began operating in 2005, handling and operating cargo, namely conventional cargo, containerised cargo, solid and liquid bulk, making it the main commercial port for goods in the RAM.  
  • The Porto Santo Harbour – is the only harbour on the island of Porto Santo. It is a multi-purpose port, handling cargo and passengers.    
  • The terminal of Porto Novo – dedicated to unloading aggregates extracted in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. 

APRAM does not forget maritime safety, property safety and the safety of people and goods, the implementation of mechanisms that ensure and optimise the efficiency of port operations and environmental and health monitoring programmes, the implementation of a sector policy that is appropriate to the current needs of the population and the commitment to continuing to maintain the RAM’s ports in excellent conditions for receiving cruise ships, guided much of the investment in all areas of intervention, particularly in the area of dematerialisation of management and operational processes, through a secure commitment to digitalisation, as part of Portugal’s General Plan for the Digital Transition.

Role under the Project

The ports of Madeira are one of the four locations chosen, and the only one in Portugal, to test medium and low voltage DC solutions in a real scenario, with the other demonstrators being in Germany (Datacenter and Industry) and in France (Buildings).